About us

Organic foods along with a natural and holistic lifestyle have been central to our family values for over 20 years.  Learning about the benefits of alternative therapies, holistic remedies and organic home-cooked foods changed the way we ate, lived and loved ourselves and those we care for.  

We fundamentally believe that 'putting yourself first', holistically, is the purest form of gratitude for the gift of life.  We are so grateful to have the chance to live and love on this wholesome green earth and we show our appreciation for the nourishing gifts nature provides by making lifestyle choices that have the smallest environmental impact.  

Purple Greens Organic Superstore is a dream come true for our family.  An opportunity for us to share our passion for alternative healthcare, a wholesome diet and natural lifestyle, nourishing foods, natural home and body care, natural baby and feminine care and gentle classes for mind, body and spiritual wellness.


Big journey ahead!

The vision appeared 

The planning has underway 

Manifesting the dream has only just begun

Making connections near and far 

Building a treasure chest of nourishing connections

We set out on this journey with hope, commitment and gratitude 

Thank you for your support!

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