Q. Why organic perfume?  A.   We thought we’d create organic perfumes since the use of the word natural is currently unregulated and is often misused in order to sell a product.   Some so-called natural products can contain as little as 3% natural ingredients.  By taking this extra step, it provides you with assurance and proves our commitment and determination to provide you with perfumes containing only the best natural and organic raw materials.

Q. Why don’t you use synthetics in your perfumes since some of the best perfume creations contain synthetic aroma chemicals?  A.   We have decided to create entirely natural and organic perfumes simply because we believe nature to be the best perfumer of all.   Thus, by using natural and  organic ingredients, our aim in creating  less harsh and more mellow perfumes can be achieved

Q. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t rub your wrists together after applying fragrance since this compresses the scent.  What is the best way of testing your fragrances to see if they are to my liking ? A.    With natural and organic fragrances it is essential to test on the skin, you should allow it to settle for a minute or so without rubbing prior to sniffing

Q. Are your fragrances suitable for children?  A.   No since they are highly concentrated and composed from essential oils, resins and absolutes (non solvent based)

Q. What is the best way to store your fragrances? A.   Like all perfumes, they should be stored in a cool place away from direct heat and light. They should also be kept away from children and pets since they are highly concentrated

Q. Why is Embrace so dark in colour and will it stain my clothes? A.  Embrace  is dark in colour since it uses entirely natural ingredients which range in a wide spectrum of colours. It is best to apply the fragrance and allow it to dry before comng into contact with clothes to prevent any possibility of staining

Q. Where can I buy your perfumes?  A.   You can purchase directly from our website or from the list of stockists

Q. What percentage of ingredients are from natural source?  A.   100%

Q. Are all the ingredients organic?  A.   97.05% of the ingredients are from organic source

Q. How can I obtain product samples?  A.  You can get samples directly from us or from our stockists

Q. Do you use any raw materials which have been tested on animals?   A.  No

Q. Do you use any endangered or rare ingredients ?   A.  No. We do not knowingly use any endangered ingredients

Q. Do you use any genetically modified ingredients?  A.   No

Q. Do you use any animal derived ingredients?  A.  No

Q. Is the organic alcohol Kosher? (Parev) A.  Yes

Q. Is the organic alcohol gluten free?  A.  Yes